People • Planet • Profit • Culture

Is Our Mission

Our Sustainability Expertise

In addition to developing creative sustainable and socially responsible design solutions for our clients, we also live by our own words. We have a holistic view for sustainable design that is quadruple bottom line – people, planet, profit and culture. This means that from the design work we create with clients to how we operate as a business, we follow a framework that supports people, our environment, our economy and cultural diversity.


We are environmentally conscious and passionate in our beliefs. We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our work and educate our clients about sustainable solutions and alternatives to define and grow their brand to best resonate with the most consumers.


We use cradle-to-cradle design thinking and always consider the full life cycle assessment [LCA] of a project and develop inventive approaches by specifying fewer materials, using recycled and non-toxic elements and design for reuse.


All of our print materials and packaging are done with 100% post-consumer waste [PCW], chlorine free, recycled, compostable, FSC-Certified or hybrid paper, using low VOC or vegetable based inks. We estimate print quantities as accurately as possible to avoid overproducing and print locally or near a client’s location to minimize carbon emissions.


We always have a passion and a purpose with all of our work so we are not an “order taker” design studio that will just produce a one-off project. We work strategically and partner long-term with like-minded clients who value what we do, allow us to define the problem and develop the best sustainable design solutions together.


Our interactive projects are evaluated to reduce emissions, measure energy usage and use the most energy efficient and renewable energy sources where possible.


We’re dedicated to ethical business practices, adopters of AIGA’s Standards of Professional Practice, support our community, purchase from fair trade companies, shop local and are responsible stewards of our environment.


We design with purpose. We are change makers, do-gooders and shapers of our community. Part of our business model is to give back and serve with the investment of our expertise, time and a portion of our revenue to support worthy causes, nonprofits and social good initiatives that are near and dear to us.


Our overall philosophy is to work with good people who do good in the world. If you have a socially conscious business looking for a design partner, please contact us!

We Practice What We Preach


We operate out of the first floor of a LEED and Energy Star live/work space that is the first of its kind in the Southeast.


We purchase local renewable energy from NC GreenPower that is produced from wind, solar and biomass sources. The studio’s floor-to-ceiling low-e glass windows allow us to operate with natural daylight most of time to save on electricity.


Our studio has sound and thermal insulation which is provided by using eco-friendly cellulose made from recycled newspaper that requires less energy to produce than fiberglass.


Our furniture is reclaimed, recycled or purchased from responsible companies and the non-VOC paints and coatings help reduce the amount of air pollutants. We also make our own nontoxic cleaning supplies that include vinegar, baking soda, essential oils and H2O.


The studio is mostly digital, reducing wasteful print outs by sharing files electronically and distributing invoices via email. Whatever the studio prints in-house, does so on recycled paper, printing on both sides and reusing paper as much as possible.


We strive for low and #zerowaste so are conscious of what we consume and use. All of our paper, glass, plastic, aluminum and ink toner cartridges are recycled, reused or refurbished and anything biodegradable is composted.


We are locavores which means we only eat locally grown food that is in season from our local farmers and locally sourced farmers markets. Looking for a farmers market near you? Check out


We do everything we can to minimize our footprint and help communicate messages that bring about positive change with our clients and projects. We share one car and try to bike, walk or take public transportation to get around town.