Eight + Sand Kitchen is an artisan bakery, fine casual restaurant, specialty café and cocktail bar from the teams behind Inizio Pizza and Not Just Coffee.

Eight + Sand Kitchen

“Eight + Sand”, was born out of an old locomotive term used to bid a quick, safe journey and well wishes to train crews. Located on Charlotte’s light rail, it felt fitting for the new name to wish customers and friends a safe journey as they visit the space and then go about their day. Whether breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack or dinner, Eight + Sand Kitchen is well-versed to serve your present moment.

Inspired by Scandinavian cafes and the restaurant’s meticulous craft of milling heirloom grains in-house daily and using all locally sourced ingredients, we created an adaptive branding system with a custom brush logotype and hand drawn illustrations to facilitate a sense of thoughtful attentiveness with graceful urgency. The blue is a nod to the vintage denim train crew uniform. Delicate patterns, hand drawn type and graphic elements adorn the menus, merchandise, packaging and website.

Brand Strategy, Branding & Logo Design, Illustration, Merchandise, Naming, Packaging, Signage, Web Design & Development

Client: Eight + Sand Kitchen
Design Director & Designer: Rachel Martin
Brand Messaging: Keia Mastrianni
Photography: Eight + Sand Kitchen

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